Your neighbourhood cafe Double Roti (Viman Nagar) has become more awesome!!! The open cafe famous for serving “awesomeness between breads” has introduced an all new bar equipped with premium range of liquor and cocktails that will raise your spirit levels to a different level.


The Bar:

Taste some Game Of Thrones inspired cocktails like Wildfire, Winter is Coming & Kings Landing. Feel the freshness of lychee with vodka & lemon grass in Danerys Charm or get a kick from spiced up cucumber & Jalapeno spiced up Margarita. They have a wide selection of rum, whiskey, liqueur & classic cocktails too.

Live Music:

What can make your evenings more fun than Live Music, huh huh?? A live wire performance from TMKC (Teri Music Ki Chahat – yeah right!!!) was a real crowd pleaser. The live music will be a regular affair along with comedy nights planned in near future.


Bar Menu:

Designing a bar menu can be a challenge with different needs of the customers. Double Roti has all The Classics like Bruschetta, Nachos, Mushroom Bites, minced chicken balls and many more to keep the party going. The special mention to the caramelised Onion & Feta Cheese Bruschetta, with perfect balance of sweetness from caramelised onions and saltiness from Feta – a must try!!!

The spicy chicken on sticks was spot on and pair best with any beer. The cheeseling bhel was another finger food you can’t stop eating while having your favourite drinks.

Best part about the menu is that you can have their signature burgers & pizzas too and trust me they are simply superb.

The Eye-catchers:

If you think you have enough, please prepare yourself for some happy endings. The desserts are good-looking and irresistible. The brownies are rich, chocolatey and moist, Blondies are butterscotch-ey, chewy & my favourite of the evening. Put some caramel sauce on a blonde, pair it with vanilla ice cream and say hell yeah!!! (side effects of sugar rush I guess..)


I have come across few places which do justice to Creme Brûlée. Well the one you will get here has some class of its own. You can hear the crackling noise of caramelised sugar and the smooth custard will make you feel content. Only one point of improvement can be the evenness of caramalisation of sugar.


The verdict:

The ambience of Double roti with its open exteriors makes it a cool place to hang out. Bar  menu totally compliments the drinks selection, the food is served fast, its made heavy & its made tasty. Live music adds the extra dimension to the whole experience.

Go to enjoy the neighbourhood local bar experience…

Ambience: 4

Bar: 3.5

Bar menu: 4


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