A weekend in Mumbai gives me a sheer joy of having good food with so many options. It’s really difficult to zero in the places to go, so this time we decided to go with the flow or rather to follow our host in Mumbai, Ananth without any questions.

We stopped at Capital Social BKS for some quick drinks. Quick it was as the place was flooded with people with huge waiting list. What else one can expect on a Saturday night huh?? This was my first experience with Social franchise. It has a rustic appeal with compressed seating space. The best place to sit is by the bar. With twisted classics and regular drinks, you have good enough options to lift your spirit!!! They have equally interesting food menu, which we were not able to try. Unfortunate


After a not so perfect start we drove down to Linking road and found “The Fatty Bao”, a colourful pan-asian bar and restaurant. It was already past dinner time, but the lady at the reception was helpful and we got our tables in flat 15 minutes.


The Fatty Bao is armed with a well stocked bar with amusing cocktails like Green Kimono with Absolut Pepper & Made in China with Absolut Mandrin & Lucy Liu.

The food menu is interesting with flavours from Japan, Korea as well as Taiwan. Try Three Cup Chicken cooked WOK style in soy sauce and sesame oil. For vegetarians, experience the crunch from water chestnut (not very common) in Baked Wonton Cups.

My favourite dish of the night was fried anchovies with XO sauce. Posting its picture is making me hungry right now. The XO sauce with a base of dried sea food gives that extra zing to fish.

Fish with XO sauce

I guesses that The Dancing Prawns we ordered are supposed to be dancing in your mouth because of the chilli jam but it did not happen. The prawns were well fried and crispy which made them enjoyable.

Kimchi Potatoes were a little low on flavour and the kimchi itself did not perform well on expectations. The service is quick. the decor is tasteful and most important the prices are right. I am in love with the place. Will come back for some Baos & Ramen for sure.

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I wanted to experience the late night food scene of Mumbai so we ended up at Bade Miya. And after a delicious meal of Asian food, we got another disappointment, a horrible meal of burnt, chewy kebabs and tandoor chicken. With all hype and hoopla associated with Bade Miya, the only positive thing is that they serve food late night..


Wake and bake@Candies


Candies, Pali Hill is a bakery in a huge bungalow and is a pure visual delight. The place is tastefully done with tiled mosaics, wall murals, wooden handicrafts and paintings on the wall. Take a walk to experience the Portuguese/Spanish influence. Adorable!!!


Well the story ends here. After the feel good factor comes food. There are lot of options and as we were in time, we could manage to get what looked promising. Spinach and mushroom quiche, chicken and mushroom quiche were average and bland. I liked the mutton chop though it was a bit oily.


Chicken lollypop with cheese is a nice idea but not exactly executed well. It became soggy due to reheating. American club sandwich is again a very average effort with oily chips. The chilly paneer was the only one with some flavours.

So don’t expect the same experience in food like the visual one you have at the time of entrance. For drinks, apart from Mango smoothy, Bombay Blue, Chocolate milkshake and Cold Coffee did not make the cut.

Bombay Blue, Cold Coffee, Chocolate Milk Shake, Mango Smoothie

All in all its a cool place to hang out or spend some time with friends as the place is beautiful, the prices are right but the food is what needs to be worked upon.


Food of the gods I don’t know but definitely good for me!!! This cute little bakery in Hiranandani Gardens serves pastries, cheesecakes, brownies and sandwiches too. This one was in my must visit list and  it delivered.  The moment you enter the shop, it feels like alice in wonderland. Could not decide what all to order but then I always go for my instincts


The cupcakes are super tasty with the cream so light and refreshing that you will be in a trance. The Red Velvet Cheesecake was heaven and macaroons are like macaroons – crisp, soft and chewy. They also serve English Breakfast but Candies in the morning did not allow us to have any over here. With so many options you will definitely spoilt for the choice. I hope they open one in Pune soon!!!!

The Mumbai trip was fun, filling and tasteful for sure. All thanks to our guide Ananth who with all patience and love drove us in and around Mumbai and help us having good food the whole time.



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