Food trucks are cool and fun but a LOT of work. There is no ambience & there are no tables, you have only the concept & menu. I really like the idea of food trucks, as I share the experiences of eating India & Indianised Chinese food at the primal versions of food trucks in and around Delhi as a kid.

 The section will feature some of my food truck experiences with no geographical boundaries!!!

Breaking Bread – crusted to perfection

Pune is getting its share of food trucks and it will be a great boost to the food industry & more reasons to smile for us hungry souls. So far we have a few trucks operating here and there and Breaking Bread is bang opposite Crosswords at ITI road, Aund.

Easy to find, it has started with a good note as I could see people around the truck whenever I cross the Crosswords. And finally when I got the chance to actually taste the food, I knew the reason. The name of the truck plays important role and I guess owners Nishit & Niraj have done justice as the name justifies what they serve.

It was a food tasting session organised by TheBTeam, so we were lucky to taste all the items on the menu. The menu is simple with both vegetarian and chicken options. The only drink they serve is virgin kokam mojito, a kokam sherbet with a twist of mint. A refreshing concoction for summer, but I can drink it anytime. The Hot Mess is a combination of fries, beans, salsa, cheese. And there is a chicken version of it too, which is my favourite. All of the ingredients create a riot of flavour in your mouth.

If you want to achieve burger nirvana, the meat should be tender, should have more fat, the seasoning right & cheese on the top. The burgers on the menu somewhat fits into this criteria. I highly reccommend the Goan chicken burger which gives you tender chicken, some spiciness & THAT messy experience. It would have been better with some more chillies. The other burger I liked was The Jerk Burger with pineapple slaw giving it that extra zing. For vegetarians, they have Cajun cottage cheese burger. Toasty sandwich comes with potato & chicken option. Banoffee sandwich, a sweet version with banana & chocolate is not my idea of a banoffee, but thats the only option for a dessert.

The chefs Kaustubh & Niranjan literally sweats to serve these delightful & happy meals to us customers. Enjoy the open air, messy and pocket friendly food between  19:30 to 23:30 everyday. You can also follow them on Facebook – or/and Instagram – @breakingbread16


The Hot Mess


The Jerk
Banoffee Sandwich

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