It’s all about Cupcakes!!!

Cupcakes are beautiful, small in size, easy to handle and can be eaten anytime of the day. A good shot/pot of coffee or tea elevates the whole experience.

Love Sugar & Dough serves you all of the above in a beautifully designed interiors with shades of pink!!! The ambience is impressive with different wall clocks and chandelier. Move to the counter and you will see beautiful display of cupcakes in all sizes, shapes and colour. It takes time to actually order with so many options. We tried Hazelnut mousse pastry, Blueberry & Raspberry Cheese cakes along with different mini me’es.

thumb_IMG_9795_1024  thumb_IMG_9793_1024 thumb_IMG_9792_1024

The cupcakes score really high in terms of appearance and thats the first reason why I am always attracted to cupcakes. The first bite tells you they are moist, which is always a sign of a good cup cake. And then comes the flavour.

thumb_IMG_9790_1024 thumb_IMG_9791_1024 thumb_IMG_9789_1024

The frosting plays and important role & I find it little hard and less complimenting. Hazelnut mousse pastry should have more light and fluffy. The cupcake is  pretty heavy and I couldn’t go for another one. Which defies my rule of having cupcakes for the sheer size of it.  The cheese cakes are better than regular ones with creamy texture.

With the help of a regular customer (she is a colleague and die hard fan of the place) we decided to take few more cupcakes for home. And after trying red velvet & rainbow I say that cheese cakes are the ones to go for.

From tea front, Masala Tea is a must try here and they serve it in a beautiful pot. For me personally, Iced coffee goes well with all cup cakes.


The cupcakes ranges from Rs. 70 to Rs. 140 but to go again or not depends solely on the other experiences you have or you would have…. As some one said:

There is no problem, which cannot be solved by a cupcake & coffee. (Unknown author)




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